Ediston Property Investment Company plc ('Ediston' or 'the Company') is a UK-listed Real Estate
Investment Trust (REIT) investing in commercial property throughout the UK.

12 April 2021

Ediston for income

If you’re looking for monthly income, you want it to be built on firm foundations. At Ediston, we take that seriously – and literally. All of our investments are in properties we know inside out and from top to bottom.

This in-depth understanding of our investments assures us that the income we provide to our investors is as solid and secure as it can be. That’s why we’re able to pay a competitive dividend in monthly instalments – allowing our investors to rely on a steady income stream to cover everyday expenses.

An attractive yield

Ediston currently offers a 6.3%%* annual yield. Our income payments stem from a portfolio of commercial properties, with a current focus on the retail warehouse sector, given its attractive investment potential. At launch our dividend was 5.50 pence per share, which we increased to 5.75 pence in January 2018.

The COVID-19 pandemic severely tested the resilience of our income and although it proved to be more resilient than many other companies, in May 2020 we took the prudent decision to reduce our dividend to an annualised 4.00 pence per share. In April 2021 we announced a 25% increase in our dividend to 5.00 pence per share annualised. The increased level, which was paid from May 2021, takes into account the improving outlook for income and rent collection and is not to the detriment of investment and asset management activities. Should the improving outlook continue, there could be further dividend progression in due course.

*as at 31 March 2022.

A wealth of experience

The strongest support for our dividend comes from the expertise of our team. We live and breathe property. While the Ediston Property Investment Company listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: EPIC) in 2014, the broader Ediston business has been operating in the UK market since 2004. On average, each member of our team has more than 20 years’ experience in property investment and development.

Beyond bricks and mortar

When we consider any investment, our focus is always on cash flow. We want to be sure that our properties are not just paying for themselves but also paying out sustainable income for our investors.

To do this, we look well beyond the physical buildings themselves to understand how the properties ‘live and breathe’ – how they fit into their location and their economic environment. We go to great lengths to ensure that risks to the cash flow are minimised and that occupancy rates and tenant satisfaction are maximised.

We have a profound understanding of all aspects of managing real estate for the benefit of our tenants and investors. This spans the range from change-of-use applications, through to refurbishment and redevelopment, to tenant liaison, lease negotiations and rent reviews. Each of these aspects offers opportunities for improving the income stream available from property.

Intensive, entrepreneurial and unconstrained

Our approach to property investment is intensive and entrepreneurial. No holding in our portfolio is left to look after itself. We sweat the small stuff, and we do it at every level of the process – from developing new properties to ensuring that existing tenants are satisfied and that no potential for improvement is missed. And with no benchmark, we’re free to focus on the areas where we see the greatest potential for sustainable income and capital growth.

If you need a regular income stream from actively managed investments, we’ve got you (and your dividend) covered.

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